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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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There is one lives with him called Lord Dunbar11, Murray's12 brother, who would be his minister if he had any occasion for one—I meet him frequently in public places and like him.    He is very sensible, very agreeable, and well bred. Good night, child ; by the bye I have had no letters from
England these two last posts.
Yrs ever------
I am by trade a finisher of letters. Don't you wonder at the Conclave ? Instead of being immured, every one in his proper hutch as one used to imagine, they have the liberty of scuttling out of one hole into another, and might breed, if they were young enough. I do assure you, everything one has heard say of Italy is a lie, and am firmly of opinion, that no mortal was ever here before us. I am writing to prove that there never was any such a people as the Komans, that this was anciently a colony of the Jews, and that the Coliseum was built on the model of Solomon's temple. Our people have told so many stories of them, that they don't believe anything we say about ourselves. Porto Bello is still said to be impregnable, and it is reported the Dutch have declared war against us. The English court here, brighten up on the news of our conquests, and conclude all the contrary has happened. You do not know perhaps, that we have our little good fortune in the Mediterranean, where Admiral Haddock has overturned certain little boats carrying troops to Majorca, drowned a few hundred of them, and taken a little Grandee of
n Hon. James Murray, second son of fifth Viscount Stormont; titular Earl of Dunbar.
12 William Murray (1705-1793), fourth son of fifth Viscount Stormont ; cr. (Nov. 8,1756) Baron Mansfield, of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire; cr. (Oct. 31, 1776) Earl of Mansfield. He w^s M.P. for Boronghbridge,
1742-66 ; Solicitor-General, 1742-64; Attorney-General, 1754-66; Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, 1756-88 ; ex officio Chancellor of the Exchequer (having refused the post of Lord Chancellor), April-June 1757, Sept.-0ct. 1767; Speaker of the House of Lords, Oct. 1760, Jan. 1770-Jan. 1771.
F 2